It has been announced today that there will be a number of student free days at the end of this term. From Monday the 6th of April to Wednesday the 8th of April schools will have student-free days. Thursday the 9th was already a moderation day which is followed by the Good Friday holiday. This means that Friday next week (April 3rd) will be the last day that students attend school this term.
These extra days will enable the school to develop the skills and organise materials necessary to provide home / online learning from the beginning of term two. In term two the school will be open to those who choose to send their children to the site and the school will also be better positioned to provide an education to those students who stay at home and learn from on-line experiences.
A number of parents have already collected our “Working from home” packs for those students who are not currently physically attending school. We are pleased that these are proving useful. There are other resources available on-line. This link will take you to the Department of Education’s learning at home page.

Learning at home

It provides advice and links to a number of learning sites that parents may find useful.
We thank parents for their support of our social distancing efforts at the beginning and end of the school day.